Missy Giove, an X Games Star's Criminal Ride

Missy Giove, an X Games Star’s Criminal Ride

On a monthly basis, Giove made trips to a small apartment in Marin County. There, Canori’s workers would load the trailer with custom-built, seven-foot-long wooden boxes packed with dry ice and weed. Giove’s dirt bike, mountain bikes, and racing gear were then packed on top to create the illusion of an extreme athlete on the road. Each trip netted her upwards of $30,000, minus what she paid to couriers. But it wasn’t just the money that appealed to Giove. “Honestly, I felt like Santa Claus,” she says. “I was able to bring people medicine that had personally helped me. I was fucking great at selling weed.” [Full Article]

Photograph by Chris Sweeney.