Buju Behind Bars: A Dirty Snitch Helped The Feds Unjustly Bust A Reggae Legend

Buju Behind Bars: A Dirty Snitch Helped The Feds Unjustly Bust A Reggae Legend

It’s a case built upon the handiwork of a mendacious snitch — Alex Johnson, AKA Junior — with an extensive criminal history and clear financial motives to see Buju arrested. An aggressive federal prosecutor spent big in two weeklong trials in Tampa to secure a celebrity conviction. The saga sheds light on how far the government will go and how dirty it will play to win the few big battles left in the long-ago failed War on Drugs. Now, while one of the most successful and controversial Jamaican artists — a man who won a Grammy for best reggae album a year ago — sits in a Miami penitentiary, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is considering whether unconstitutional tactics were used to nail a man who had no known criminal record. [Full Article]


Outcome of Reporting:

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Harvard Lawyer Steps Up For Buju Banton

Harvard Law Professor Call For New Trial For Buju Banton


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